Elegant Minimal Technology.

InMoment Software provides fast and highly efficient technology consulting out of Silicon Valley.  We specialize in enterprise solutions and innovative design. Get to the root of the problem and use minimal tech to solve it.


MeetingPulse is our audience engagement product for real-time events.

Coming soon: Green Alpha, our organizational methodology for maintaing healthy teams.


Our team of experts, backed by a network of consultants spanning the globe, provides a range of service for solving the problems of today’s enterprise with inspired and minimal application of appropriate technologies.


Our political arm has a proven track record of deploying open source fundraising and supporter contact tools that have been used in the field to fundraise over $7,000,000 in three months through crowdsourcing.

Our Clients

Meet the Team

  • Aaron Lifshin
    Aaron LifshinFounder, CEO

    Aaron has over 15 years of experience in software development and the creation and management of technical teams. He combines this expertise with previous management consulting work in large enterprises and political campaigns. Aaron’s main interest is the creation and maintenance of lasting, successful teams and institutions. He is a graduate from Dartmouth College.

  • Peter Green
    Peter GreenFounder

    Founder, Creative Director of inMoment Software and Product Director of MeetingPulse. Responsible for product, visual and UX design, spirit of excellence and common sense.

  • Sean Lars Ganser
    Sean Lars GanserFounder, CTO

    Sean is watching over our back-end, servers, architecture and mostly everything else that has to do with raw technology.

  • Ami DeAvilla
    Ami DeAvillaGeneral wizard

    Ami is a usually unseen force providing practical magic behind the scenes.  In addition to balancing the checkbook, she keeps the team on track and balances out the testosterone levels.   When not with InMoment, she works side by side with other entrepreneurs and individuals providing organizing support.

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